Other Worlds are (Already) Possible – Arturo Escobar

10 Feb

Today, we offer the Arturo Escobar’s chapter “OTHER WORLDS ARE (ALREADY) POSSIBLE” published in the book titled “WORLD SOCIAL FORUM – CHALLENGING EMPIRES” (2009) and edited by Jai Sen and Peter Waterman.

Challenging Empires“This paper is call for greater awareness of the theoretical frameworks that we use to understand the world and what to do about it. It steams from the realisation that there is always a tight connection between social reality, the theoretical framework we use to interpret it and the sense of politics and hope that emerges form such and understanding. This connection is often overlooked. Our hopes and politics are largely the result of a given framework. It is particularly important that we reflect on this fact in times of profound transformations such as today. Here, my intention is not so much to critique established frameworks (say, Marxism and liberalism), as to present the elements of another way of looking at social reality that can at least provisionally explain some of the social dynamics we are witnessing today -and in a novel way.”

To access to the Table of Content of the book and the complete Escobar’s chapter click here: Other Worlds are (Already) Possible

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